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Moore Landscape is an award-winning luxury landscape design company that has worked with some of Southwest Florida’s most discriminating clientele including projects in Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, The Estuary, Tiburon, Talis Park, West Bay and many more. The Moore Landscape Team offers design expertise that will take your outdoor living space to the next level.

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Over 95% of our clients are referral based so there is a good chance you have been referred by a friend, family member or contractor that understands the value of experience and excellence in design. We have worked to develop a design process to effectively and efficiently carry your project from conception to completion, ensuring that your needs and desires are met through every design stage!

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Landscape Design Process

Discovery: Discovery is the first and most important stage in the design process. During this phase, we gather essential information regarding your wants and desires by asking strategic questions to help understand your individual lifestyle as well as how you plan on enjoying your home and outdoor living space. Next, we gather key information regarding your site including lot setbacks, drainage details, soil quality, moisture levels etc. From this point we have identified all the strengths, weaknesses, special opportunities and possible threats in regards to your future landscape giving us a great framework to begin a unique landscape design for your home. Our promise to you is that your thoughts will not go unheard and we will guide you in perfecting your landscape design.

Preliminary Design: During the Preliminary Design phase we will take your goals and desires communicated in the discovery phase and bring them into an actual conceptual drawing. It is in this stage, that the landscape design is distilled and refined as both yourself and the designer collaborate to ensure that all expectations are met and the design is functional and exceptional.

Design Development: Once we have meet and exceeded your goals and desires we will move on to the “design development stage” it is in this stage that we will spec out the material laid out for your design including plant material,rock/hardscapes, lighting, irrigation and drainage.It is then that we will submit drawings to the appropriate authorities for approval to commence construction.

Landscape Construction & Installation: It is during the construction and installation stage where the shovel meets the dirt on your design… literally. It is at this stage that, we believe we blow our competition out of the water. All product is hand selected by our designers and is transported to your site where our highly trained in house installation crew carries out your design.

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Whether you are looking for a Landscape contractor for a complete design and installation or just wanting to redesign a certain outdoor living space we would love the opportunity to meet and discuss your next project! Click below to contact us and we will reach out to you shortly to schedule a time to discuss your project in more detail.

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