7 Pro Tips when hiring a Landscape Contractor/Installer.

Hiring a landscape contractor can be a daunting task!

Here are 7 questions to ask as you navigate this process to ensure you make the right choice for your home.

1.)Who is a highly respected and recommended landscaper in my area? The first tip I would give any homeowner or contractor is to ask around. Many online sources are deceiving with many companies paying for 5 star reviews and other high-ranking facades. So, the most valuable source you can find is a recommendation from someone you trust.  If you are new to the area, try asking your community architectural review board, local contractors or neighbors. Online searching can be helpful especially once you’ve found a few landscapers you know you can trust. Check out reviews of local companies on platforms such as Google Business, Facebook and Yelp.

2.)Do our styles match? Once you’ve found a few potential companies, check to see if your styles match. Go on their website, check out their past project photos, give them a call and see what type of landscape design they are used to working with. You are going to want a professional that has experience in your desired landscape style and shares the excitement for your project . Most of the time you will find certain companies stick with the same plant pallet, types of water features, and hardscapes.

3.)What Services do you provide? Asking this question up front will help you know if they will be a good fit for your project. Some landscapers offer full service: design, architectural stamping, installation, and maintenance, however, many do not. Certain large projects or projects with large plant material are too much of an undertaking for smaller landscape companies, so it will save you time to identify that up front. Another question to ask them is what services will be completed “in house” and what services will be “subbed-out” to subcontractors. This is nice to know and will give you a better gauge how that company operates.

4.)Who will be my contact during construction? When meeting your landscape contractor always identify the role of who you will be communicating with and ask if they will be your contact during the entire construction process. It is important to have clear communication with someone that understands your project fully throughout the entirety of your project.

5.)What is the schedule, budget & time frame? Make sure to ask your prospects about their schedule and their ability to get a crew out at a desired time as well as an estimated time frame for completion. You should also ask the contractor for the percentage of jobs that have gone over budget. A well experienced firm rarely if ever go over the discussed budget.

6.)Are you insured? Make sure to always ask for proof of insurance especially if your landscape contractor will be using heavy machinery.

7.)What is the warranty?  Any landscape contractor you hire should outline a warranty for your recently installed landscape. Hiring a contractor that warranties their work will give you a peace of mind as well as insure that the contractor is not cutting corners and doing it right the first time. If your palm trees die a week after installation are you covered?

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