7 Landscape Design Trends in 2019

Here are your 7 Landscape Design Trends!

  1. Low Maintenance Landscapes

Low maintenance landscapes are becoming popular again in landscape design due, in part, to two main factors. First, the Green Movement: businesses and homeowners are becoming more environmentally conscious (water, fertilizer, energy, etc.)  as the availability of this information has increased. Secondly, because life seems to be going faster and getting busier for everyone, there has been a switch to an autonomous and low maintenance lifestyles. Here are some examples of low maintenance landscape choices:

  • Replacing annuals (lasting 1 year or less) with perennial (lasting 2 or more years)
  • Removing exotic non-native plants from the landscape. This cuts down on watering schedules,seasonal fertilizing and most importantly, the exhaustive maintenance of these invasive/exotic plant species.
  • Autonomous irrigation clock with a rain sensor & wifi module that allows you to turn on or turn off your sprinklers anywhere in the world with wifi.
  • Fuss free plants! There are a lot of Florida native grasses such as Muhly & Fakahatchee Grass that are virtually maintenance free that are making their way into Florida landscape designs.


2.) Business in the front party in the back


Being in the residential design & construction industry for over a decade there has been a design trend that introduced itself early in the 2000’s that has become the absolute norm. This trend simply said is maximizing backyard space by placing your home as close to the curb as possible. Doing so, allows you, the homeowner, to design your own private oasis in the rear of the home. Here are a few ideas that are trending:

  • Private courtyards are offering homeowners a private oasis away from the busyness of the world right in your own backyard. These spaces typically feature large canopy trees that provide adequate shade, ornamental and less formal plants, and romantic yet quaint seating for two.
  • Outdoor activity spaces such as putting green, basketball court, fire pit, tv area etc.
  • Larger lanias and outdoor kitchens are perfect for those who like to entertain
  • A living fence such as a shrub or trees placed along the property line add additional privacy as well as decrease sound pollution.

3.) Hardscapes

The term Hardscapes refers to a man made object/material that is incorporated into the landscape of a structure in contrast to the vegetation that is used for both functionality and aesthetics. As homes are pushing for formality we’ve subsequently seen a rise in hardscapes. Here are a few hardscapes you will find trending in the new year.

  • Water Features have become increasingly popular among landscapes due to their noise cancelling properties, ability to attract wildlife and overall aesthetic flare.
  • Retainer walls are being used to incorporate clean lines and create a great formal landscaping bed.
  • Pots are a great hardscape to add additional color to your home where pathways or decking have made it impossible to add landscape
  • Pergolas are becoming increasingly popular as people are desiring creating outdoor living spaces.
  • Fireplaces are a great way to add an additional element to complete the Fire, Water, Earth and Air vibe.


4.) Edible Gardens

You have the space you might as well use it! As the demand for healthy organic produce has been on the rise homeowners are taking upon themselves to grow  edible garden spices and produce. With as little as a 10×10 space, you will be well on your way to growing your very own edible garden. Many are adopting the “what can I grow myself” mantra which is leading to an increased garden space.


5.) Landscape lighting


Since the early 2000’s landscape lighting has become almost customary on all recently landscaped homes. It is now in 2019 that we are seeing not just 3 or 4 lights to say “we have outdoor lighting”, but, it has become a whole landscape design itself. For example:

  • Solar footpath lights
  • Dramatic uplighting to make those palms, oaks and other “wow” trees look epic in the evening
  • White “christmas lights” strung around the backyard are very popular right now, and not just around the holidays, but year round
  • Step lighting


6.) Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has experienced it’s time in the spotlight. As synthetic grass prices have become commercially feasible and skilled labor has become informed of the installation processes there has been a large increase in demand.

  • No trimming!
  • No fertilizer!
  • And 20+ years of maintenance free grass.

7.) Landscape as Art


We are seeing an increase in landscape art including topiaries, hardscape patterns, and live arbors.

  • Topiary are plants or trees that have been trimmed in such a way to make an ornamental shape. Disney World has become famous for their over the top Topiaries of disney characters.
  • Designing hardscape patterns out of rocks and other material have become a creative way to construct an image or pattern in your lawn.

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