7 landscape irrigation tips to save water, save money, and save the environment!

  1. Install an irrigation timer. Many of the new irrigation timers used today have many features that simplify the irrigation process. One great feature that you should get to know is the seasonal adjustment dial . This user friendly dial allows you to adjust your watering times to a seasonal percentage to protect from over watering in summer and under watering in the winter months.
  2. In addition to installing an irrigation timer add a rainfall sensor or soil moisture reader that will turn of your system automatically when proper moisture levels are met. This simple addition to your timer can save 1000s of gallons of water a month.  We recommend having a WI-FI module installed to your irrigation timer as well in that it allows you to have access to your clock anywhere there is WIFI.
  3. Use a combination of irrigation heads including Rotors, Pope ups, and bubblers.
    • Rotors are a great option in large areas that need large amounts of water spread over a longer period of time. The Rotor heads rotate at adjustable radius allowing you to adjust the head for optimal watering coverage. Residential grade Rotors are typically placed 10-25’ apart.
    • Pop Ups are great options for smaller landscaped areas.. Since the water is being exerted at an even stream in a small confined area it is smart to dial back watering time when compared to a Rotor head.
    • Bubblers are great to install at the end of your irrigation swing pipe when you are looking to water an individual plant or tree. The bubbler is a great compliment to your irrigation system since this water emitter is one of the most efficient . Some drawbacks to the bubbler are that they have provide limited coverage and need to run for long periods of time to provide adequate water supply.
  4. Increase your efficiency with replacing generic pop up nozzles with the highly efficient Rotary nozzle. These nozzles use the same approach to watering as the larger rotors do. Incorporating this type of watering with your pop up heads has been known to decrease water runoff and limit evaporation from the typical mist like emission of water from the traditional nozzle.
  5. Picking the prime time to water. Typically the best time to water is early morning roughly 2 hours before sunrise. This allows the irrigation system to run at a cooler time of day which limits evaporation. By watering at this time you are not only saving water but protecting your lawn from fungus that could grow at night if you were to water later in the way.
  6. Replace damaged heads immediately! If a irrigation head goes un-repaired you could be losing up to  10000 gallons of water per month as well as damaging existing landscape and even damaging the foundation to your home.
  7. Adding, moving and simply adjusting current irrigation heads can be one of the top ways to save money, save water and save your landscape as a whole. Sometimes by simply decreasing the amount of water emitted from certain heads and adding additional heads in hard to reach areas are all it takes to save irrigation water from becoming runoff.


Instead of irrigating rain fall  from your downspout to your driveway, invest in a rain barrel that you can use to water potted plants in and outside your home.

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