Here are 7 tips to increase your home value with Landscaping!


1.    Fertilize! Putting a high-quality fertilizer on your yard a couple months before listing your home will bring back healthy color to your trees, shrubs, and grass. Fertilizer is quite inexpensive when looking at its high return on investment typically reaching over 200%!

2.    Right Tree Right Place! There is no better time than now to take an honest look at your trees and call out a professional to remove all dead or struggling trees. Next look at the strengths and weaknesses of your lot and start thinking of ways to take advantage of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Some great examples of this would include; adding shade trees around in your home that get heavy afternoon sun. Remove trees that are hiding decorative architectural features or taking away from breathtaking views. And adding trees that compliment your home’s design and architecture rather than subtracting from it.

3.    Curb Appeal! One of the best ways to add some buzz to your soon to be listed home is to increase your “curb appeal” with landscaping. Curb appeal is highly important when selling a home because it increases interest in prospective buyers and will increase foot traffic coming into your listing. This can easily be done by adding new shrubs, flowers, and a heavy mulching. Also, nothing says “I don’t maintain my home” like a neglected landscape.

4.    Upgrade & Automate your Irrigation System! Coming from an ex-Realtor myself, buyers hate any sort of maintenance, including manual watering. Most buyers in today’s day and age are downsizing and are trying to get away from the constant maintenance and upkeep of their homes. A great way to solve this issue is to install an automatic irrigation system that is programmed to water periodically and will even temporarily shut off the system if it senses rain. Also by upgrading and performing an irrigation tune-up, you can get your yard to consume less water while looking better.

5.    Landscape Lighting! Landscape lighting is a great way to compliment your new trees and shrubs and will have any traffic passing by your home doing a double take. This is a great way to highlight ornamental landscape features such as trellises, palms or water features.

6.    Grass, Grass, and more Grass! Often times what happens when you have been living in a home for many years your landscape begins to look overgrown. One of the best ways to simplify your landscape is removing access shrubs and plants and laying down a fresh mat of sod. This will make your landscape look more manicured as well as giving the illusion of a bigger lot.

7.    Getting rid of unwanted sound! Homes that are situated close to busy streets or highways often experience a decrease in home value due to noise pollution. A great way to combat this unpleasant noise is installing water features. Water features though not extremely loud themselves do a great job concealing unwanted noises. Other benefits of installing a water feature are their aesthetic appeal and bird attraction.

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